Our Services

Design & Project Management

Working closely with all of our clients, we understand precise requirements and will consider your preferences at every stage of the project.

From the very start of a project, we carefully listen to the needs of our customers, enabling them to decide on various factors including temperature and humidity control, whether capital cost or running cost is more important, and types of system. 

Then, we survey the building, gaining an understanding of any current systems and taking into consideration the age of the building, structure, purpose, electrics, plumbing and features such as windows and doors. 

Now, armed with both the customer’s priorities and the characteristics of the building, we calculate the best air conditioning solutions available, using a modern computer programme, which can produce comparative running cost analysis on possible alternative systems for each project. We not only like to ensure our customers are choosing systems in line with their priorities, but we design systems that are as energy efficient as possible. 

We offer a fully managed project to ensure everything runs smoothly, on time and within budget.